A Traffic Ticket for Speeding in a Work Zone

A Traffic Ticket for Speeding in a Work Zone – A car can be lethal when driven unsafely around people on foot and because a car has been likened to a “weapon,” the law is strict when it comes to work or construction zone traffic tickets.

The law, NYS VTL§ 1180f, simply defines a work zone as a highway construction or upkeep work area and does not permit a person to drive his or her car through a highway construction or maintenance work area faster than the posted work area speed limit.

Now, in these areas, the speed limit(s) are typically less than the normally posted speed limits. But the law says that the minimum speed limit for a work zone speed is 25 mph and that a work zone limit cannot be more than 20 mph below the usually posted limit.

A Traffic Ticket for Speeding in a Work Zone

A Traffic Ticket for Speeding in a Work Zone

There is no guessing as to when an individual is driving through a work zone area. They are clearly marked with diamond-shaped orange signs that simply notify a driver of work zones.

The signs can read “work zone” or “flagger ahead.” Not following the direction of a work zone flagger pointing traffic can result in another kind of ticket.

  • Monetary Penalties

Work zone speeding tickets can cost a lot of money because fines are doubled. This means a diver will pay a lot of money, even if he or she is a first-time offender.

But, an overall rule of thumb is, the more speeding convictions, the higher the fines. Work zone speeding ticket fines in New York State range from $90 to $600 and be contingent on the rate of speed over the posted speed limit a driver is unproven to have gone.

For speeds in excess of:

  • 1-10 mph, the fine ranges from $40 to $150
  • 11-30 mph, the fine ranges from $180 to $300
  • 31 mph and greater, the fine ranges from $360 to $600
  • Town and village surcharges are $143 and all other court extras are $135.

As this is considered money, there is more significance to a work zone violation conviction.

  • Point Penalties

Like speeding ticket fines, points associated with speeding tickets vary and be contingent on how fast a driver is alleged to have driven.

  1. 1-10 mph: 3 points
  2. 11-20 mph: 4 points
  3. 21-30 mph: 6 points
  4. 31-40 mph: 8 points
  5. 40 and up: 11 points
  • Suspensions and Revocation Penalties

Always Remember it was said that the law is harsh when it comes to work or construction zone traffic tickets. Well, punishment in the form of suspensions and revocation is a flawless example.

After two or more work zone speeding convictions, a person’s driving privileges will be postponed for 60 days. Or driving privileges will be revoked for a third conviction within an 18-month period. 

  • Other Penalties To Keep In Mind

It is also important to keep in mind that a VTL 1180f conviction can trigger a driver accountability assessment fee (DRA). The DRA starts at $300 and increases by a total of $75 for every point greater than 6 points.

A work zone traffic ticket belief can also cause major car insurance premium rises over the course of years, which interprets into major money.

  • Safety Tips

The main safety tip a driver can take to ensure safety when driving in work zones is to SLOW DOWN. Workers and work vehicles can be situated anywhere in the area, within your lane.

According to the New York State Department of Transportation, more than 40,000 people are injured every year because of car crashes in work zones.

Therefore, remember to drive cautiously and give yourself a safe distance from the car in front of you. Should the urge to speed in work zones tempt you, remember the fine is doubled for these tickets.

Similarly, if you receive two convictions for speeding in work zones within 18 months, your driver’s.

What will Happen If I Do Not Answer a Work Zone Speeding Traffic Ticket?

If a driver does not answer a work zone speeding ticket the DMV will hang the driver’s driving privileges. An individual can be charged with a misdemeanor crime for driving with a suspended license.

A deferment for not answering a speeding ticket does not mean that a driver is guilty of the violation; it means that a driver did not let the court know that he or she is entreating not guilty of the violation.

Then, simply a driver must take extra steps and pay money to restore his or her driving privileges.

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