How Much is a Red Light Ticket in NY?

How Much is a Red Light Ticket in NY – As you might know that running a red light is one of the most mutual traffic violations in New York State, for a decent motive too.

It is simply safe to say that at some point in a driver’s driving career, he or she will run at least one red light, unplanned or not. 

How Much is a Red Light Ticket in NY?

How Much is a Red Light Ticket in NY

Now with the introduction of “Red Light Cameras” in New York State and Westchester County, there are simply two ways to get a red-light ticket: by a police officer or by mail via a red-light camera ticket.

The Law and its Exception

Every driver knows what running a red light means. In fact, a potential driver must study this subject, be knowledgeable in it, and pass a written exam that tests on this subject before being chosen for a driver’s license.

Though, the law, NYS VTL § 1111 states when the circular red light is steady, a driver cannot move his or her car until the light turns green.

The only exclusion to the law is when other indicators (like a sign) permit a driver to continue driving after having stopped for a red light.

Penalties and Fines for Red Light Traffic Violation Issued by Police Officers:

Penalties and fines contain points and, of course, money. A red light traffic ticket violation brings 3 points, can cause car insurance premium rises, and also trigger a DMV Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee. But exactly how much money is paid in fines simply depends on the population of the city in which the traffic violation was allotted. 

  • First offense, the fine simply ranges from $150 to $450
  • Another offense within 18 months, the fine ranges from $300 to $750
  • Third offense within 18 months, the fine ranges from $750 to $1,500
  • Town and village surcharges are $93 and all other court surcharges are $88

Outside a city of one million or more:

  • Initial offense, the fine ranges from $75 to $225
  • Another offense within 18 months, the fine ranges from $150 to $375
  • Third offense within 18 months, the fine ranges from $375 to $675
  • Town and village surcharges are $93 and all other court extras are $88

Red Light Camera Tickets in NYC

As we have discussed above, one way to be the fortunate recipient of a red-light traffic ticket is to be distributed one by a police officer. The other way is to mail one.

This simply happens when a traffic camera at an intersection takes a photo of a car and the license plate of the car, driving through an intersection after the traffic light twists red.

Red light camera violations are controversial because of a person’s Sixth Amendment right to confront his or her accuser. Even so, there are exclusions to this violation. For instance, grounds for dismissal, upon a showing of evidence contain:

  • Your car is not obviously shown in the picture or video
  • A medical emergency
  • Mechanical difficulties
  • Your car was stolen and it was not you driving

Now, in the case that a red light was run in a city with a population of under one million people, The maximum penalty proscribed by the VTL for disrespectful 1111(d)1 is a fine of $225.00, a surcharge of $85.00, 3 points on one’s license, and 15 days in jail.

In the case that a red light is run in a city of more than one million individuals the fine becomes aggravated to $450.00 while the other penalties remain the same.

VTL 1110(a) applies when an individual is not in a city and also smears to a wider scope of conduct than VTL 1111(d)1. It also forbids failing to follow speed signs, stop signs, yield signs, and a variety of other traffic signs and indications. 

The supreme penalty for simply violating VTL 1110(a) is a fine of up to $150.00, a surcharge of $85.00, 2 points on one’s license, and 15 days in jail. Though it is very rare, depending on how blatantly one has violated that traffic law and in consideration of a defendant’s past traffic record, judges can and will sentence a person to jail for running a red light.

New York has also applied red light cameras to ticket the owners of cars who run red lights automatically. There are some features that distinguish New York’s red light camera program from one that would be criminal in nature where improved due process requirements would render the current scheme unconstitutional. 

First, tickets formed by red light cameras only fine the driver $50.00. If the ticket is not answered within the time period that is recognized on the ticket, a $25.00 fee is added to the ticket. This fine is deemed too uncertain to trigger the property interests of the due process clause in the criminal context. 

Second, red light camera tickets are refereed in administrative court rather than criminal court. 

Third, red light camera tickets also don’t trigger the opportunity of the imposition of jail time. In fact, the statute authorizing the cameras prohibits the imposition of “convictions” for being found embarrassed of a red light camera violation. Therefore, New York’s red light camera program is civil, rather than illegal in nature.

Owners of vehicles can be penalized for others running red lights in their vehicles if they get a red-light ticket. Others might be outraged that they have fines forced on them due to other people’s conduct that they have no skill to control.

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